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NEW YORK CITY -Rumors of a collab between two NYC-based creative teams have proven to be true. Street pugilism pundits Crimefaces and futbol fashion brand Soccer Senseis have been working on a capsule collection

The first drop in this haberdashery main event is their home jersey. Rodrigo Salazar, creative midfielder AKA CEO of Soccer Senseis, stated, "The black jersey is accented with 'murdered out black’ lettering representing how things that are obscured are often even more visible. The green hits are subtle, but they pop because of the dark palette.” 

CrimeFaces CEO/founder AL Carrera spoke about why this collab came to be, “CrimeFaces is a brand of NYC culture and one of the sports that catapulted to popularity here is soccer. Being that NYC is such a diverse community, the beautiful thing is they bring the love of their sport to our country.” He continued, “We are really excited to work with Soccer Senseis and intro the CrimeFaces brand to the biggest sport in the world."

The two teams are now developing a full range of products for the season, including other jerseys, masks, soccer balls, etc. The drop was accompanied by a look book shot by Stephanie Escala and a video produced by @b_side_wins_again

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